Translation of Documents and Texts

Express provides translation services in Lviv and Ukraine-wide. Our linguists translate from the most world’s languages​​, general, business, legal, technical and other texts and documents. Translations of documents, agreements, charters enterprises, technical manuals and medical reports. All translations are carried out quickly and accurately in time, by professional and certified experts. We also  translate websites, restaurant menus, hospitality and catering vocabulary , and more.

We also perform Notarization or Legalization of our translations if needed, but the majority of Ukrainian authorities such as Visa officers, Police, Court, Tax Department, State Registrar, Notaries and others recognize our company seal and accept our translations.

The total price for translation services is available after reviewing the document/text!

Standard document : passport, earnings record, birth certificate, marriage certificate, criminal record, diplomas, certificates and other documents of the state or corporate model.

Non-standard documents are: charters, declarations, landing bills warrants, agreements, contracts and other documents purely individual content.