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First of all, we offer various translation services to our clients. Our agency has extensive translation experience and skilled specialists. We guarantee exceptional customer service.

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We are opened Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm (10:00 – 17:00).

Our translations office is situated in Lviv (Ukraine). We translated various documents and texts into Ukrainian or from Ukrainian into a foreign language. The translation may be certified by our agency seal or by a notary.

Secondly, we are experts in submitting and obtaining documents to and from most authorities in Ukraine, so assisting you in making business in Ukraine is our pleasure!

We are located at 48 Doroshenka Street, Lviv, Ukraine.

Translation into Ukrainian

We provide 100% quality translation. Quality means true and accurate. Trueness means that our translations fully correspond to the original document or text to the extent possible for translation. We do not alter or change the meaning. Never. Accuracy means precision, exactness, and perfection. We are devoted to providing a reasonable and balanced translation both true and easy to understand for the target language speakers.

Translations Lviv

We translate standard documents (price from UAH 80) and texts into the most used and popular languages. An official translation for Ukrainian authorities is a notarized translation—certification of the translator’s signature by a notary. We also provide Apostille, Sworn translation into Polish, translation of various technical texts, legal documents, and international agreements/contracts.

We offer reasonable prices, a professional approach and individual service for every customer.


  • Translation of Documents
  • Translation of Websites
  • Sworn Translations for Immigration Purposes
  • Fast Translation of Passport
  • Notarial Certification of Translation
  • Texts and Articles


  • Apostille on Certificates
  • Apostille on Vital Record Certificates
  • Apostille on Education Documents
  • Translation of Apostille affixed by a foreign state
  • Apostille on Court Judgements