Civil Registry Offices

Civil Registry Offices in Lviv

Planning to marry in Lviv?
You will definitely need a civil registry office!


Just visit the Main Office of the Civil Registry Service in Lviv Region at 23 Doroshenka Street, there you’ll get a formal permit to marry as a foreign citizen. Ukrainian citizen need no such permit. Make sure you have two notarised translations of your Passport with you.

Plase note! Translations of Passport must be made after you’ve entered Ukraine and immediately before you apply for marriage permit, if you get the translation of your Passport and cross the border, the translation will not be valid any more for civil registry and migration services in Ukraine.

After getting a permit from the central civil registry you are free to mary at any local civil registry office in Lviv.

Important! If you have been divorced, please provide a valid document in this respect: a Judgement of Divorce, Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, etc. for translation into Ukrainan together with your Passport.