Translations in Lviv

Looking for Translations in Lviv?

EXPRESS is a translation agency located in Lviv (Ukraine). We provide certified translations of various documents in a professional and timely manner in Lviv office (center of the city) and online.

We certify our translations in three possible ways:

  1. Certification with the agency seal and certificate (affidavit) by translator, which is, in most cases, required in the USA, Canada, the UK and their consulates/missions and
  2. Notarization (if necessary) of the translator’s signature by a Ukrainian notary, which is required in Ukrainian official authorities and is, actually, the only true legal way to certify a translation in Ukraine. Translations certified abroad are not valid in Ukraine.
  3. Also, we can provide apostille stamp to be affixed on the documents and/or translations issued in Ukraine for submitting to the US and/or European states or other countries-members of The Hague Convention.


Translation Price Time to complete
Translation of standard Ukrainian documents into English certified by the Agency and appropriated translator’s affidavit.

(This includes Marriage, Birth, Divorce, Death Certificates, Passports, various diplomas and letters)

UAH 80 1-2 days


Translation of diploma supplements (transcripts), immunization cards, judgements of court, statements etc. UAH 300-400 depending on document 2-3 days
Notarisation of the translator’s signature + UAH 80 + 1 day




Vital Record Certificates

Police Certificates



UAH 650

UAH 450


UAH 250

UAH 220



5 days

3 weeks


5 days

5 days

Our translators have experience in translating from Ukrainian and Russian into major European languages and vice versa. We perform translations in timely manner in accordance with the requirements and standards of business and law of the countries where the translated documents will be submitted.

This ensures that, first of all, you will be correctly understood by your business partners and you’ll avoid problems submitting documents to the foreign representatives’ offices and authorities.

Currently we translate into/from English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, German and Ukrainian languages.

We are located at 48 Doroshenka Street, Lviv, please click the map belowПереклади Львів