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Nowadays conditions of life, business, tourism, travel, migration processes and relations at the official level require high-quality interpreter’s services for translation and interpretation .

 Translation agency “Express” Lviv performs professional translation of business documents in Yalta, Crimea for companies and businessmen who deals with foreign partners and authorities. Translation of documents, manuals, registration certificates, minutes of meetings, statutes, companies both in Ukraine and abroad. Translations of the following documents: an agreement / contract, consignment contract of purchase and sale of consumer goods, the contract for the export of goods, the credit agreement, the contract on the sending of experts, agency agreement, the credit agreement, the contract correspondent account contract to supply goods and services, bill of lading, Distribution contract specifications for the contract for the provision of consulting services, Customer Agreement, Privacy Policy, Memorandum corporation’s founding, convention of the Board of Directors of the Treaty on the share subscription, license agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement. We also provide translations of international maritime treaties and contracts in accordance with INCOTERMS. The contracts for the repair of ships, additionally, delivery and acceptance protocols. The most common translation from English to Ukrainian and Russian language of the following: General (general) power of attorney, holder of the company, Limited Power of Attorney, Commercial Director of the company, the authorized representative of the company, power of attorney to obtain a certificate of conformity, the authority (power of attorney) to sign the bill of lading, letter of appointment distributor , The act of acceptance of services

 The Board of Directors of the company on the transfer of shares of the company, Decision of the Board of Directors the appointment of the sole director, assignment deed (for stocks), Advance payment guarantee, paid for the construction of the vessel, Corporate guarantee fulfillment of the obligations of the customer ship construction.

 The courts, law: if you want to translate legal decision on the audit of the loan and the borrower’s documents, judgment, Will, Waiver and legal action, Affidavit, and other legal documents, the translators and linguists with a legal experience, who work in the Translation Agency “Express” in Yalta, Lviv and Crimea will fulfill your order as soon s possible.

 Marriage with a  foreigner at first sight – a simple procedure, however requires  careful preparation of documents. If you sign a marriage certificate on the territory of Ukraine, the Civil Registration Authority requires a translation of a foreign citizen passport notarized, translated certificate of no impediment to marriage, pre-sworn or legalized by the state issued the document. On the contrary when submitting documents to the registration authorities of foreign countries, a translation of the document into the national language with a notarized translation in the language. In this translation, such as a birth certificate must be attached to either the original or a notarized photocopies. In addition, citizens of many nations with traditional or religious system of the state apparatus, demand for marriage permission from the relevant authority. Such formalities are in some U.S. states.

 Modern service industries require translation of the menu, the names of meals and drinks available in English, German, Spanish and Italian. Translation agency “Express” has the resources and expertise for high-quality translation in the hospitality sector, as our specialists regularly undergo training in the U.S. and Europe, in  HORECA.

 Translation agency “Express” Lviv will translate the following documents to the most of the world’s languages: Airway Bill, road consignment note, agency agreement, letter of credit, guarantee obligation, the general policy, the schedule (supply, installation work), exploded view, contract, train (transport), invoice, order -outfit, executive (office) drawing, import license, kavernot, quarantine certificate, bill of lading, contract, consular invoice, manifest (ship’s manifest), the general conditions of supply, the general conditions for the provision of technical assistance, shipping specification, preliminary account, the application (for Agreement), the test report, work instructions, release for shipment, a certificate (certificate) on vaccination, certificate of origin, certificate of quality, warehouse receipt, agreement (the supply), cover letter, specification, insurance, bill, customs declaration, export declaration, technical data sheet on the vehicle, expert evaluation, and more.