Technical Translation

What is a technical translation? First of all, it is the translation of various manuals, guidelines, and standards needed for the proper operation of equipment, machines, and technologies. It also could be a translation of designs, projects, and complex technological concepts.

Why a technical translation is so special?

Because it requires extensive knowledge of the subject matter often in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanics, electronics, power, and computers.  A good translator is not always a tech-guy. Linguists usually do not have degrees

also in engineering. So, we need at least two guys to produce a quality technical translation. A translator works together with an engineer having expertise in the needed industry/field of study.  It is just impossible for a single person to deliver a really high-quality translation of some specific technical document.

Express Translation Agency located in Lviv (Ukraine) employs experienced specialists to perform the technical translation and on-the-site interpretation (if needed). W e have expertise in agriculture, engineering, IT, household appliances, etc.

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